Below you can read the questions that our Frequently Asked Questions. If the following questions do not answer what you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by calling tel. 0039.39.24.900.904. We will reply as soon as possible. For a quick search, the questions were divided into the following categories:


Q – Is your company insured as required by Italian law? A – Yes, we are. All our vehicles and drivers have all the licenses and permits required by Italian law Q – Is your company an Italian company? A –  Yes, it is Q – Where in Italy do you offer your services? A – We are based in the city of Rome, but if you contact us, we will pick you up within the entire Italian territory. Q – What is your service cancellation policy? A – We have 2 types of cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations within 24 hours before the service: no charge, and we will refund the total paid amount
  • Cancellation after 24 hours or on the service day (no show): no refund

Q – Do you want to receive a confirmation or voucher? A – The booking will be confirmed by e-mail/voucher containing the booking number, your data, the type of service with the fee included, and Cabs4Rome contacts. The voucher must be printed and / or saved as proof of your purchase, so it can be shown to our driver.


Q – What are the advantages of using your services? A – It’s a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year available service We have a municipal license that authorizes us to the transit the city center, ZTL zones and priority lanes. When booking our service you will know in advance what you pay. Our service has no taximeter, it has a fixed price and very often it’s cheaper than taking a taxi. Our service is continuous, there are no rounds and we will provide you with a driver only for you if necessary. Booking our service you do not have to wait in line to take a taxi, even if you are at the airport. Our service is always carried out exclusively by newly registered class cars, with total insurance coverage. All services are 100% customized to meet your needs Q – When should I book my private tour? A – The Private tours are very popular, so we suggest to book in advance. Q – How do I book a service? A – You can book all services by phone, sending an email or directly online from our website. We always recommend to send a budget request providing all the necessary information to satisfy your needs. Q – There are other people in the vehicle with us in a transfer or private tour? A – In both transfer or private tour, the vehicle is entirely at your disposal. But you can add the people you meet during your vacation and this can also lower the price per person, since our prices are per vehicle Q – What do you mean by shared transfer? A – It’s a transfer in which an 8-seater minivan is shared with other people that have the same destination of your arrival. This type of transfer is not only cheaper but it is also a way to be environmentally friendly because it uses a single vehicle for more passengers. Q – Can I customize my itinerary? A – Yes, you can. Our site lists a variety of tours for anyone who wants to know the “Bel Paese” (beautiful country). Tell us about your preferences and we will try to customize your tour or transfer Q – Can I change my itinerary directly with the driver on the day of service? A – Yes, it’s possible. Our drivers, who are connoisseurs of routes and also historical sites, will know how to advise you. Q – The Vatican Museums are the only way to get to the Sistine Chapel? A – Yes, unfortunately, this explains the long lines! Q – Can we stop for lunch? A – Yes, you can. It’s important to communicate it to the driver on your preferences, so that we can advise on the best places to do so. Q – Can we go shopping? A – Yes, of course. Tell the driver what kind of shopping you plan to do, so that we can recommend you the best places. Q – What do you mean by transfer? A – With this service you just need to tell us the place and time where you want to be taken, and one of our drivers will take you to any destination you desire. We think a very important thing for our customers is to be able to maximize the available time during their stay in Italy. We will therefore seek to optimize your time, keeping relaxation in mind. With our transfers or tours, you will avoid unnecessary queuing for buses and trains, strikes and delays. Our driver will be at your disposal. Q – What is meant by field trip? A – It means a tour with our driver who will take you to various places, sites and monuments, even in a single day. We will come to pick you up wherever you want, and at the end of the day we will drive you back to your final destination. Q – What do you mean by long distance tourism drive in Italy? A – You have decided to discover Italy and want to visit Rome, Florence and Venice? We are able to organize a comprehensive personalized package, including arrival and departure transfers, excursions, transfers between major cities, stopping for sightseeing, hiking and much more. Q – What is the difference between a guide driver, a licensed guide and a companion? A – The guide-driver is a driver who knows the region or reference city very well, in order to make a general comments in English during the tour guide. Guide drivers do not usually provide field trips and cannot lead guided tours in historical sites and museums. The official guide is a tour guide who has the highest training, as required by the government to offer guided tours. A licensed guide perfectly trained to provide comments on guided tours, excursions and visits to historical sites and museums. A licensed guide must carry the license card whenever they are working. The tour leader or traveling companion is able to provide comments during the tour guide. This guide can lead the group, but does not have the license to make a comment in historical sites and museums.


Q – Does the driver speak English? A – All our drivers are Italian but speak good English. Q – The drivan can be even my guide? A – While you are in the car, the driver can provide basic explanations about the history, art and stories of the visited places, always trying to give an fulfill your needs. The driver is well informed and is able to suggest the best places, restaurants and shops to visit. However, once out of the car he is not allowed to act as an official tour guide. The official tour guide is a licensed professional (compulsory for the Italian law), which may lead tourists in museums, churches and give detailed information. If during your visit you meet someone who calls himself “driver-guide”, ask if it is in possession of a valid license to illustrate the historic sites. If it is not able to show it, it will be drivers who want to look more professional, but that is only to ask more money for the same services that we can offer at no additional cost. Q – Can we ask for a particular driver? A – We will do our best to ensure the driver you requested. Sometimes this is not possible, but we guarantee that all our drivers are friendly, knowledgeable, and above all able to guarantee maximum security. Q – Do your drivers have a special license? A – Of course, our drivers must have two special licenses. Anyone carrying out this type of service because of our Italian law, must be in possession of two different licenses.


Q – How do I choose the best suitable vehicle for me? A – There are two things you need to keep in mind when choosing your vehicle: 1) the number of persons in the group 2) the amount of luggage you are traveling (of course if you have luggage) For example, a sedan car can bring a group of 4 with only 2 suitcases but cannot carry a group of 2 with 4 suitcases. Q – What type of vehicles do you use? A – Visiting our car parking, you can see the various models of vehicles that we use for your transfers or tours. Anyway, they are all new vehicles, usually with a maximum of three years, with all the comforts that today’s technology offers. Some examples. Mercedes E-Class Mercedes S-Class Mercedes Viano Mercedes vito Q – Is smoking allowed inside the vehicle? A – All our vehicles are non-smoking, but if necessary your driver will stop whenever you wish to allow you to smoke. Q – Are your cars equipped with air conditioning? A – All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning. Q – We are a group of 4 people, do you recommend sedan or minivan? A – For a transfer service with luggage, we recommend a minivan. For a tour service, you can choose according to your preferences. Most of our vehicles are Mercedes models and are therefore more comfortable while driving in Europe. Of course for a group of 4 adults, we recommend is the minivan. Q – I have a lot of luggage, will my vehicle have enough space? A – When we recommend a vehicle for your service, we consider that each passenger will have a suitcase and a small bag with them. Please choose the vehicle that best suits your amount of luggage. We disclaim all responsibility for the excessive number of baggage. Q – Is it possible to provide child seats? A – We are generally able to provide seats for children. You are kindly requested to apply in advance for availability. Q – What should I do if I discover that I accidentally left something in the car? A – We ask you to please contact the reference number received during booking. If our driver has already warned us, we will immediately contact you. Q – We are a group of more than 8 people (between 9 and 16 people), do you recommended requesting for a 9-16 seater minibus or 2 smaller vehicles (minivans and sedans)? A – Vehicles with a maximum capacity of eight passengers can reach all points of the city center (with the exception of pedestrian areas), in contrast to vehicles with more than eight passengers having restricted access due to our very narrow streets. We will drop you off at the nearest point from the sites and monuments that you would like to visit. In addition, the difference in price between the two services is very slim, as vehicles with more than eight passengers must pay a daily fee to enter the city center.


Q – Where can I find my driver at the airport? A – After collecting your luggage and going through customs, you will be directed to the waiting room where a number of people, including the private drivers, wait for newly arrived passengers. Your driver will be waiting next to the “meeting point” with a sign with your name on it. It usually takes about 30-40 minutes from the moment the plane lands until you actually get to the waiting room. If you realize that it will take more time, for example if your luggage is lost or simply takes much longer to be recovered, please ask the duty officer at the customs to let you enter the room to alert your driver of the delay, or you can also call our reference telephone number…….. Q – Where can I find my driver at the train station? A – Your driver will wait for you at the end of the pier holding up a sign with your name on it. For any sort of requirement, you can call our reference phone number. Q – Where can I find my driver at the Port? A – The driver will wait for you holding a sign with your name, opposite to the main entrance of the ship. Our vehicle will be parked right on the dock, as close as possible to the ship. Your name will be visible on the windshield of the car. For any requests, you can call our reference phone. Q – How do I find my driver at the hotel? A – The driver will be waiting at the hotel lobby, after asking the doorman to call your room. Some small hotels do not have enough space to park the car. In this case, if possible, we kindly ask you to be on time in front of the hotel entrance, so that the driver can park the car for a few seconds, and you can immediately get on board. Q – If you are staying in a private villa, where will I find my driver? A – The driver will pick you up directly at the villa. Please provide the complete and correct address because often the villa has a fancy name. Q – Accommodation in a private apartment, where can I find my driver? A – Usually the driver arrives at the meeting point a few minutes before the scheduled time. If you realize that the meeting point is on a very narrow street, where it can be difficult to park, please show yourself at the established time already in front of the main door. Q – What happens if I can not recognize my driver? A – At each meeting point the driver is provided with a sign with your name on it (which has previously been mentioned in the booking). The driver also seek the clients’ additional confirmation to avoid mistakes or customers with the same name. Q – I’m waiting for my driver at the right time and place, but he is not there. A – This will never happen because our drivers must inform the customer if there is any delay


Q – Can I pay when I receive the service? A – Yes. You can make the payment at the end of the service Q – How do I pay for the transfer? A – The Cabs4Rome offers two options Your choice of reservation / payment: 1. On-line booking and immediate payment of the popular service via the PAYPAL (with a small additional commission of 5%); 2. On-line booking and cash payment (Euros) or credit card (Visa and / or MasterCard) at the end of the service directly to the driver. Q – Entrance tickets in historical sites A – The entrance to historic sites are not included in our fees. In Rome, for example, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel are closed on Sunday, except for the last Sunday of the month. The St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum are always open Q – Prices are for your vehicle or person? A – All our prices are per vehicle NOT per person Q – Can I get a receipt? A – Sure, just ask the driver for a receipt or, upon request, we can send an invoice for the service. Q – Tipping is mandatory? A – The tip is not included in the price of our services and is not mandatory but if you were to be happy with the service (and we are more than confident that you will be), the driver will appreciate it very much. Q – What is and is not included in the service? A – All our services include taxes, tolls, fuel and car parking. Our services do not include meals, gratuities, entrance fees to museums and site guides. Q – There is a surcharge in the event of heavy traffic? A – Absolutely not.