The Cabs4Rome is equipped with a fleet consisting exclusively of prestigious cars, vans, minibus brands, so as to meet all budgets and requirements.

The models are constantly renewed to ensure a high level of safety and the utmost comfort, so as to be easily perfectly adapted to any type of service.

The company guarantees a unique journey on board the Mercedes sedans, E-Class and S-Class Mercedes, or aboard the spacious Viano or Vito Mercedesor our Opel Vivaro.


  • Passengers: 7 + 1 (driver)
  • Trunk: 8 bags + 4 hand bag
  • Max speed: 200 km/h
  • Comfort: HiFi – Air Conditioned – GPS – ABS – ESP – 6 Airbags


  • Passengers: 8 + 1 (driver)
  • Trunk: 8 bags + 4 hand bag
  • Max speed: 200 km/h
  • Comfort: HiFi – Air Conditioned – GPS – ABS – ESP – 6 Airbags


  • Passengers: 3 + 1 (driver)
  • Trunk: 2 bags + 2 hand bag
  • Max speed: 220 km/h
  • Comfort: HiFi – Air Conditioned – GPS – ABS – ESP – 6 Airbags

Our cars are equipped with dual zone air conditioning, stereo and GPS to guarantee the best comfort during your travels.

We have the POS service on board of the cars in order to allow the payment to be made through any credit and debit cards.

In accordance with all the required safety standards in our workplace (people public transport – non-scheduled) meaning they are constantly mechanically / technically monitored in regard to the scheduled and extraordinary maintenance, both for testing and the company’s turn-over of vehicles.

All our vehicles are insured for civil liability (including third party insurance) carried out by one of the most important Italian insurance companies, providing more than double coverage than the minimum required by law.

Within each car it is allowed to install any removable equipment such as baby-seats or booster seats that are installed on board at the parents’ simple request.

The vehicles are driven by registered professionally qualified drivers in Rome.

In winter, all means are equipped with winter gear so as to allowing the vehicle it to face the streets even in adverse weather conditions.

Mercedes Viano

It offers the class and elegance to travel comfortably up to seven people and their luggage. It becomes the ideal solution for families or group transfers. It is used for field trips or to transport more people thanks to its comfort and unique capacity. The perfect car for those who want to bring family and friends with them without giving up luxury and comfort.

Mercedes Vito

This vehicle is perfect for commercial and passenger transport providing comfort to its guests from the first moment, offering the possibility to fit up to 8 passengers with as many luggage as needed, making it ideal for moving small groups of people.

The interior generous, spacial, comfortable and quality equipment will give you the impression of being on the plane, even on long journeys.

Opel Vivaro

Spacious yet compact, functional yet elegant, this minivan is ideal for Executive Services, Business Services, VIP, Pleasure Trips and Long-Transfers, representing a miraculous balance between chic finishes and incomparable comfort.