By booking service through our website Cabs4Rome, the customer confirms that he/she has read, understood and agreed to all the services TERMS AND CONDITIONS listed below. In order to take advantage of our services, it’s necessary to process your request and check our availability, by booking it at least 48 hours in advance, except for the last-minute services (this is, those to be carried out within 24 hours from the time of booking) for which we invite you to call us as soon as possible. (0039.327.617.42.88.) The booking will be confirmed via e-mail/voucher containing the reservation number, your data, the type of service, the fee and Cabs4Rome contacts. The voucher must be printed and / or saved as proof of purchase, so it can afterwards be shown to our driver. For complete online operation and interactivity, during the booking service you must fill in all fields marked by an asterisk (*). The company will not be responsible for any delays, disruptions or damage caused by omissions, incompleteness or inaccuracy of the data entered by the customer. It’s the customer’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the voucher time details of the sent by us and promptly point out any mistakes. The Cabs4Rome offers you two reservation / payment options:

  1. On-line booking and immediate payment via the PAYPAL (with a small additional commission of 5%);
  2. On-line booking and cash payment (Euros) or credit card (Visa and / or MasterCard) at the end of the service directly to the driver.


It’s possible to use the following services:

  • Carrying animals;
  • Transporting special or oversized luggage;
  • Child seats (with an extra charge of € 20 of the Tariff);
  • Handicap transportation;
  • Driver’s knowledge of a specific foreign language;
  • Touristic guides

To access to the above services, you must specify it at the booking time by filling in the notes field. We look forward to meeting other needs not listed above.


By Rate we intend the cost of the offered service. The fee is calculated based on the booking receipt. Any requests made directly to the driver, such as a greater service length and / or detours, will lead to an additional charge, incapable of being estimated at the booking time. The fee includes:

  • Tax service fee (VAT)
  • Accidental injury insurance
  • Fuel
  • Highway tolls
  • Any parking fees
  • Professional Drivers license
  • Transportation of standard luggage and hand luggage per passenger.

The fee does not include:

  • The accommodation and meals costs of the driver: if the service includes the stay outside of Rome
  • Museums and monuments entrance fees
  • Tips, which are at the discretion of the customer
  • Licensed tourist guides


The night service (from 10:00 p.m to 06:00 a.m.) provides for a 20% increase on the rate and will be informed at the booking time.


For every passenger a standard suitcase and one carry-on is included in the price. Please notify us at the booking time the presence of oversized luggage (for example, surfboards, golf clubs and bicycles) by filling in the notes field, to allow us to organize the transportation. In case of no indication, we will not be able to ensure their inclusion in the car.


The driver will pick up the customer as indicated in the online booking form. As for appointments at stations, airports and ports, our driver will be holding up a site with your name on it. If you do not have a mobile phone operating internationally, there are available pay phones within the airport / port that work with both coins and credit cards. In case of delay or if you are unable to contact the Emergency Number 0039.327.617.42.88. The driver will wait up to one hour after the estimated time of effective arrival (the service is guaranteed even in case of delayed flights / ships since the Cabs4Rome regularly monitor the flights / cruises arrival monitoring the landing time / pier). After this period, and without your notice, you will be fined as no show.


Customers using the service to go to the airport / port, we advice you to organize pick-up service a minimum of 3 hours before (for a flight) or 5 hours before (on a cruise) departure, so that we can guarantee the arrival punctuality at destination. The Cabs4Rome is not responsible for any delays caused by flight cancellations, strikes, labor unrest, events and circumstances beyond our control. The driver will wait to pick you up for a maximum of 15 minutes after the agreed time .. After this period of time and, in the absence of any notice, you will be fined as no show.


Customers who want to choose a different service than the one previously agreed and booked (ex. change destination and / or time) will notify us of any changes by sending a detailed e-mail, and stating in the ‘Subject: ‘URGENT ‘. Changes must be made at least 24 hours prior to the service. All changes will be made at no charge In case of possible cancellation of the service by the client, the following penalties will be applied:

  • Cancellation within 24 hours before the service: no charge and total refund of the paid amount
  • Cancellation after 24 hours or on the the service day (no show): no refund

All refunds are made by bank transfer and the related bank charges are borne by the customer. Therefore, the sum will be reclaimed net of these banking transaction costs. Please note, for those customers who did not pay for the service in advance through the PAYPAL system, and which therefore the penalties could not be “directly” applied for any cancellation or no show, we say it is a matter of pride on the fact that Cabs4Rome does not ask for your credit card details as a guarantee (especially for your card’s safety), and so we believe we should get as much respect from your part, in being faithful to your reservation and be aware of the fact that last-minute cancellations represent for us the work loss work of that day. Thank you. In case of flight cancellation, the customer is entitled to a refund of 100% of the payment (the related bank charges are borne by the customer), or alternatively postpone the date and time of the service. For ship passenger ships, no penalty will be applied if the service cannot be conducted due to non-docking of the ship due to the adverse meteorologic conditions or unforeseen causes, provided that this problem will be promptly notified.


Our contracts are governed by the Italian law, and in case of dispute, it will be exclusively Rome’s court jurisdiction.


We wish to inform you that Legislative Decree no. n. 196 of 30 June 2003 (“regarding the protection of personal data”) provides for people’s protection and other subjects regarding personal data processing. According to the law, this treatment will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency as well as your privacy and rights protection. The Customer acknowledges that he/she has provided their personal data (name, surname, email address, phone number, contact details, flight information, etc.) to Cabs4Rome, for the following purposes: to make a reservation. For this purpose, the Customer authorizes the Cabs4Rome to retain and use such data and to transmit it to our offices. Your personal information will not be used for marketing purposes without your prior consent.


Seat belts must be fastened at all times. We will remind you at departure and at each stop. Any administrative penalties imposed as a result of a breach of that obligation by the customer will be borne by the latter. All vehicles supplied by Cabs4Rome are non-smoking. For inefficiency or complaints about the services performed by Cabs4Rome you may send an e mail to info@cabs4rome.com or call one of our office numbers so our company the can look for a reasonable solution. Negative messages posted on review sites, travel forums, social networks or on the Internet without first consulting the Cabs4Rome, will be considered as “bad faith” and people will be responsible for any damages that may result from these posts.