Terms and conditions

1. Make sure you have your mobile on and at your fingertips so we can reach you if necessary.

2. Are you late? we for you and we will look for the best solution for you. Simply contact the emergency number by calling or sending an e-mail (text - WhatsApp) to 0039 3276174288

3. After completing the booking form on our website (enter your travel details, time and personal data), you will receive an email with all the details of the requested transfer service.


check that all information is correct
enter any corrections and / or changes
confirm the transfer service by clicking on the "BOOK INPUT AND CONFIRMATION" button and shortly afterwards you will receive the booking voucher, or you can download it on a secure page.
4. Calculate the travel time to reach your destination. Our estimated time does not take into account traffic conditions or unforeseen circumstances, we recommend that you consider all your travel time needs (for example: the time needed to check-in at the airport before take-off).

5. Confirm the destination with the driver before leaving.

1. sector of application
1.1 These General Conditions of Contract and Transport are applied during the booking and execution of passenger transport services, offered by CABS4ROME companies and included in the rental services with driver.

2. Contracting party
2.1 Contractor for travel reservations

The contractor for booking the service is CABS4ROME

2.2 Contracting party for the transfer of passengers

CABS4ROME collaborates with other rental companies with drivers, with the same quality and efficiency standards and can use them for the provision of services for which it deems appropriate. Therefore, the contracting party for the transport contract is the only driver affiliated to CABS4ROME who will be assigned to the booking of the service from time to time. These general terms and conditions are in any case exclusively applicable to individual drivers.

3. Transportation fees
3.1 transport rights, is exercised following the conclusion and acceptance of a transport contract.

The contract is guaranteed when the customer receives, by e-mail, the voucher confirming the reservation.

3.2 The booking confirmation gives the passenger the right to travel from the place of departure to the destination indicated on the voucher.

3.3 when reservations are made on board a vehicle with a driver, the transport obligation exists only when the customer has formalized the request by calling or sending e-mails \ text \ WhatsApp to 0039 3276174288

4. Tickets online, shipping costs
4.1 The booking confirmation, in paper format or shown in electronic format (PDF file), constitutes a travel document. If a booking is made on board the vehicle, the written or printed receipt will act as both a purchase receipt and a booking confirmation.

4.2 Purchase of tickets online:

4.2.1 The presentation of products, accessible via the Internet and via the smartphone app, will not constitute a legally binding offer, but is intended as a non-binding online catalog, which invites the potential traveler to submit a reservation request. The ticket is issued per passenger and journey.

The confirmation of receipt of the order is immediately issued, when the order is sent, by an automatic confirmation e-mail.

The transport contract is considered concluded once CABS4ROME accepts the order by issuing the confirmation voucher.

This confirmation of acceptance can be issued via the automatic confirmation e-mail or separately at a later stage.

4.2.2 Current technology can not guarantee that data communication via the Internet is and / or permanently accessible. It is not possible to develop and manage computer programs (software) and data processing systems (hardware), which exclude all the unpredictable factors that may occur concurrently with the use of the Internet. Therefore, CABS4ROME does not guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted availability of its website and technical systems. In particular, the technical characteristics of the Internet line do not guarantee the constant availability of online booking possibilities.

If the booking has not been made and is invalidated by technical problems, the buyer will not be entitled to get the voucher issued at the price fixed before the IT problem.

Therefore it is advisable to check the SPAM by e-mail sent by the automatic booking system and confirmation and / or voucher. In case of problems contact the number by calling or sending an e-mail \ text \ WhatsApp \ to n. 0039 3276174288

5. Payment and voucher
5.1 Payment of the transfer can be made by different methods, taking into account the type of reservation:

CABS4ROME reserves the right to exclude certain types of payment and to invite customers to use other payment methods;
Directly to the driver, in cash or by credit card and / or debit card - (MasterCard / Visa).

5.2 Special conditions in case of payment by direct debit and credit card

5.2.1 Credit card payments In the case of credit card payments, the commission is debited to the customer's account only at the end of the service. By paying by credit card at the time of termination of the service, the customer grants permission to his financial institution to provide to CABS4ROME or an authorized third party, with its name and full address in the event of tariff rollover, to the order to allow CABS4ROME to make a claim.

6. Cancellation policy and no show
6.1. in the event that the flight is canceled or lost, the customer is obliged to inform the company, with a minimum notice of 90 minutes, by calling or sending e-mails \ text \ WhatsApp to n. 0039 3276174288

Failure to notify implies the termination of the transport contract and as a result the customer loses the right to have the vehicle available.

In any case, a penalty of 50% of the applied rate will be applied.

6.6. The customer can cancel the reservation without penalty by sending an e-mail or a message within 3 hours (three) before the pick-up time.

6.7. Cancellations received after 3 hours (three) before the start of the service, a penalty equal to 50% of the cost of the service will be applied.

6.8. In case of no show, if the customer books the service but does not show up at the time of the established withdrawal, without a previous cancellation of the booking to the company, the CABS4ROME will apply a penalty equal to 100% of the booked amount of service.

7. Timetables and places of departure
7.1. For private transfer services from the airports of Fiumicino or Ciampino through the flight number that is provided to us at the time of booking, we can monitor and adjust the withdrawal time in case of delay.

At the time of landing, the driver will wait 60 minutes, beyond this, an extra € 30 will be charged to the customer, for each hour or part thereof.

For shared transfer services from / to Civitavecchia, at the time of the meeting with the driver, the waiting time before departure for your destination can be a maximum of 30 minutes

7.3. For shared transfer services from Civitavecchia, the driver will wait 20 minutes after the reserved time. The service includes fixed departure times from 7:00 to 8:00 - from 8:30 to 9:00 to 9:30. In case of further delay, the customer is required to call the emergency number for notification.

7.4. For shared transfer services from Rome, customer collection times can be advanced or postponed for 15-30 minutes, following the best route for picking up passengers in the city.

7.5. For shared services (shared shuttle), the company reserves the right to change schedules, for reasons of transport service. The change of the timetable will be communicated to the client at least 3 hours before the scheduled time. The changes to the time taken after the conclusion of the contract authorize the customer to cancel the reservation free of charge or to change the details of the type of service shared to private.

7.6. The customer is required to appear on time at the place where the collection must be carried out. The driver is required to wait 20 minutes, after which a supplement of € 30 will be added for each hour or part thereof.

7.7. If your place of departure or your destination is not in the historic center of Rome and more than 2 km from the perimeter of ancient Rome (perimeter of the Aurelian walls), the CABS4ROME could contact you by phone or e-mail for a possible variation of rate.

8. Start of the journey
8.1 case of absence of the customer in the established place and departure time of the booked trip, the transport contract is considered solved.

8.2 If the traveler has been informed by SMS, e-mail or other form related to a delay in the withdrawal, the right to transport in case of absence of the passenger shall lapse and apply only from the time of departure indicated in the text or e-mail.

9. Obligations of travelers
9.1 The traveler is obliged to observe the instructions provided by the drivers.

9.2 The driver is authorized not to allow passengers on board who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who might otherwise compromise safety or otherwise, or which could cause disturbance. In these cases, there are no substitute transport rights.

9.3 On board the cars it is not possible to:

smoke, this also extends to e-cigarettes.
throw objects from stationary and moving vehicles;
soil, contaminate or damage the vehicle;
request that the transport be carried out in violation of the safety and behavior rules provided for by the current Highway Code.
9.4 The traveler is responsible for any damage caused to the cars.

9.5 The traveler who dirty and dirty the vehicle, even maliciously or through gross negligence, is obliged to pay a cleaning fee of € 60.00 to CABS4ROME

9.6 All passengers are obliged to use seat belts

10. Minors
10.1 Children between the ages of 0 and 3 may only be carried in approved child safety seats.

During transport, the seats must be secured at two points with the vehicle safety belts.

10.2 Minors under the age of 10 may be accompanied by a person aged at least 18 years.

10.3 Children aged 10 to 14 may travel alone on condition that the parent or legal guardian has given written permission to the child to do so. CABS4ROME does not assume any obligation to monitor the minor.

10.4 Minors over the age of 15 can travel alone.

People with disabilities or reduced mobility

11.1 CABS4ROME guarantees the transport of all passengers, regardless of whether they have a disability or who are limited in their mobility.

11.2 To ensure the ease of transport of the disabled person or the person with reduced mobility, the passenger must communicate his needs during the booking of the service.

11.3 To authorize the transport of the service for guide dogs, the passenger must inform us of his needs at least 36 hours before the service is carried out, otherwise the company reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

11.4 The traveler with disabilities or reduced mobility has the right, subject to the payment of a supplement, to his own folding wheelchair or other mobility aid in the vehicle's luggage compartment. To ensure that transportation is possible, the passenger must communicate the dimensions and any relevant details of the wheelchair or any other aid 48 hours before departure.

12. Luggage transport

12.1.1 The rate includes the amount of 2 bags per traveler, with a maximum size of 67x50x27 cm \ 25x19x10 inches, each.

Each traveler can carry a maximum of 30 kg for free. Suitcases and bags are considered luggage; additional baggage by paying a supplement of € 2 or € 5, depending on the size of the baggage.

12.1.2 The client must label his / her baggage, in order to allow the correct assignment and the return of the same and, in particular, to avoid possible mistreatment.

Special baggage:

12.2.1 The special baggage must be notified at the time of registration or at least 24 hours before the assigned collection and in any case upon confirmation by CABS4ROME, the carriage of special baggage entails the payment of a supplement.

12.2.2 Special baggage is considered any item that exceeds the standard size of the baggage.
The combined dimensions of the special baggage can not exceed 290 cm, calculated as follows: longer side of the baggage in cm + twice the side of the width in cm + twice the side of the depth in cm. In addition, special baggage may not exceed the maximum weight of 30 kg.

12.2.3 The carriage of special baggage is limited to 1 article per traveler.

12.2.4 The following items are excluded from transport: furniture, furniture parts, electronic devices, surfboards and bicycles, as well as any flammable and / or explosive material.


12.3.1 Strollers / strollers fall within the special baggage classification (maximum 1 stroller per passenger). Strollers / pushchairs must be foldable. Non-folding strollers will not be transported.

When booking, it is necessary to communicate the stroller as special baggage, in the absence of such communication CABS4ROME reserves the right not to provide the service.

12.3.2 Strollers / strollers are transported for free.

12.4 There is no insurance coverage for objects forgotten and / or abandoned by car. Any object claimed by the legitimate owners and found in our vehicles, will be returned upon payment of the transfer.

13. Transportation of animals
13.1 The carriage of dogs and other animals on board is not allowed.

13.2 For service dogs the provisions of section 1.1 apply.

14. Responsibility
14.1 In the event of slight negligence, liability is presumed, with the exception of death or personal injury, only in the event of violation of essential contractual obligations.
However, unlimited liability for gross negligence continues to apply.

14.2 Liability for collateral damage is excluded in the case of ordinary negligence. This does not apply in cases of intent or gross negligence resulting in death and physical damage.

14.3 Liability and compensation for damage to baggage are limited as follows:

14.3.1 In the event of damage to baggage resulting from an accident involving the car or the loss of baggage arising from the same, compensation for damage per passenger and in relation to all the baggage it carries is limited to € 100.00 .

14.3.2 The liability is excluded in case of loss of baggage, not connected with the car accident, as well as in case of mistreatment or theft of the same.

14.3.3 Liability for damage or further damage resulting from improper luggage preparation by passengers is excluded.

15. General transport conditions
In addition to these "Special Conditions of Carriage", the general rules of the Italian Civil Code and the rules relating to the sector of non-scheduled public transport in Italy apply, even if not expressly derogated.

16. Jurisdiction
Any dispute or controversy related to the activities of CABS4ROME will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome

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