Siena e San Gimignano

The tour

Departing from your hotel, we travel in Cabs4Rome’s comfortable vehicles to the region of Tuscany to take a relaxing trip to explore the area and its rich history, from castles and medieval villages to stone farmhouses, surrounded by hills and vineyards, all ingredients for a great trip.

San Gimignano, the first stop on the tour, is recognizable from a few kilometers away with its 13 towers from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries that stand out against the sky and whose unique profile leaves an everlasting image in visitors’ memories.

It is said that in the fourteenth century there were 72 of these towers, at least one for every wealthy family. Their purpose was to show, through their great construction, the families’ economic power. However, after 1348, when San Gimignano became subjected to Florentine rule, the city no longer maintained such economic and demographic heights.

Today, millions of tourists come from all over the world to admire this UNESCO world heritage site, where the Middle Ages are “frozen in time”. In addition to the famous towers you can see the Duomo, Palazzo del Popolo, Palazzo del Podesta, and the church of St. Augustine. Above all, however, you can walk along the main road and visit artisan shops or food and wine bars where you can taste the Vernaccia, a famous local wine.

We then moving along the stretch between San Gimignano and Siena on via Francigena, the main road that, prior to the eleventh century, connected the northwest of France with Rome and was used by merchants and travelers of all kinds, especially pilgrims going to Rome.

Finally, we go on to discover the magnificent city of Siena, a mixture of narrow streets and charming squares where you can do urban trekking. Since 2002, this new route allows you to experience this city of art from a new perspective.

The itinerary that we recommend covers the most significant places of Siena and allows you to get a general idea of this UNESCO heritage town. From the Basilica of San Domenico, where the remains of St. Catherine lay, we follow the path of the great medieval Siena to get to the Duomo, a superb example of Gothic architecture where Michelangelo, Donatello and Pisano left their works and the Pediment where you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Chianti valley.

The obvious conclusion to your trip will be the famous Piazza del Campo that, with its unique shape, seems to embrace guests and invite them to remember the experience of their trip over time. On one side stands the Palazzo Pubblico, with the Torre del Mangia, a 98 meter high bell tower, the second highest in Italy. It is this very place where the famous horse race known as the Palio takes place every 2nd of July and 16th of August. This traditional event involves the entire city with parades of the various districts of the city with pages, drummers, flag bearers and the characteristic riders all wearing traditional costumes.


Duration 11 hours and 30 minutes
Departure from your Hotel or provided Address in Rome
Travel time from Rome to San Gimignano is about 3 hours driving
The time at your disposal to visit San Gimignano is 3 hours
Travel time from San Gimignano to Siena is about 1 hour driving
The time at your disposal to visit Siena is 2 hours
Travel time from Siena to Rome is about 2 hours and 30 minutes driving
Entrance tickets and meals are not included in the price

Travel Tips

We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes
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